Adolescence is an exciting, but complicated developmental phase filled with range of experiences. Teens may feel overwhelmed by academic and social pressures which can lead to acting out in a variety of ways. They may suddenly find that their relationship with parents have become tense. They may not feel a sense of direction and purpose at the very time in their lives when adults are expecting them to know more about where they are going and what they want from life. Choices about college may be an especially challenging task to navigate for not only the adolescents, but also parents.
We work to help teens develop a more secure sense of themselves and of their place in the world. We assist them in achieving a more comfortable balance between their need for increased autonomy and their ongoing need for connection with parents and family members. We meet with teens struggling with ADHD, depression, anxiety, social difficulties, academic struggles, substance use, and other problems. Treatment may focus on improving communication, problem-solving skills, learning how to cope with stress, and developing a stronger sense of self. It is our hope to strike a sensitive balance between a teen’s need for privacy with meaningful and timely consultation with parents. It is also our intention to create a safe environment where a teen can feel known and heard, and where a teen may begin to develop greater understanding of themselves and a deeper appreciation for their feelings and the motivations behind not only their actions, but also of others.